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Economy tops election issues on voters' minds ahead of midterms, as well as crime

New data showed about 4 out of every 10 voters thought abortion and crime were nearly as important.
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Posted at 7:51 PM, Oct 31, 2022

Various data points show U.S. registered voters have a specific list of top issues that are weighing heavily on their minds as the midterm elections approach.

New data fromGallupshows nearly half of voters, 49%, said the economy is "extremely important" when factoring in issues to help them determine which candidates to vote for.

That same data showed that about four in 10 voters said abortion and crime were just as important.

For registered Democrats, climate change came in seventh on the list of most important issues for that category of voter.

In June Gallup found that at that time, gun policy issues tied with economy on the list of important issues that would sway their vote.

As CNBC reported, voters appear divided on many issues but one commonality is how they see that government really has an effect on the economy and money.

Data from a recent Ipsos poll also showed that the economy, inflation and abortion were at the top of voter's minds for issues ahead of the midterms.

That poll also found that around half of registered voters said either the economy or inflation was their single most important issue.

Gas prices were also towards the top of the list of issues, based on priority.

But when that data was parsed out by party, there was significant fragmentation showing a divided voter base. For Democrats abortion came in as nearly as important as the economy in that Ipsos poll data.

About three in every five Americans believes abortion should be legal, whether they are registered voters or not.

Gallup found that the top issues for voters include:

  • The economy
  • Abortion
  • Crime
  • Gun policy
  • Immigration
  • Relations with Russia
  • Climate change