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Father-daughter duo creates Día de los Muertos display for their community

Posted at 9:26 AM, Oct 05, 2022

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (TMJ4) — A father and daughter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are sharing their Mexican heritage through a Día de los Muertos display.

"Last year, we started the process of just inviting the community in putting pictures of people that have passed as well just to open up the wealth and share our culture," said Jason Gonzalez.

Gonzalez and his 4-year-old daughter have been working to put together their Ofrenda since August. The large display, which sits outside their home, is in honor of Gonzales' mother.

"She was young when my mom passed away, and so this helps connect her again to that experience of being with my mom," said Gonzalez.

For Gonzalez, celebrating Día de los Muertos has been a family tradition that quickly transformed into a community staple.

"It is a day where we celebrate and invite the souls of the past to come commune with us again, so we'll put pictures, and we'll put out other items that remind us of family members that have gone."

Gonzales welcomes anyone to place a picture of a loved one. On Nov. 1, everyone is invited back to drop off an item for their deceased to celebrate.

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