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Final preparations underway for Artemis I launch

NASA Moon Rocket
Posted at 1:23 PM, Aug 26, 2022

NASA is preparing for Monday's launch of Artemis I. The space agency said that teams put the Crew Access Arm (CAA) in launch configuration on Friday.

Artemis I is carrying the Orion Spacecraft, which will travel farther than any spacecraft built for humans.

However, this trip past the moon will be unmanned.

If all goes according to plan, Artemis II will launch in 2024. That mission will have humans onboard Orion.

The two missions are all in preparation for Artemis III, which will return humans to the Moon.

Late last week, NASA announced potential landing sites for Artemis III. The landing sites are located near the lunar south pole, an area NASA believes is rich in resources.

The mission is scheduled to take place in 2025.