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Good Samaritans rescue stranded driver during hurricane

Posted at 9:13 AM, Sep 29, 2022

A group of Florida "cowboys" appeared to save a man's life on Wednesday as Hurricane Ian hit the southwest part of the state.

Lemi Gavra and three others dubbed themselves the "Collier County Cowboys" ahead of the storm.

They wanted to help if anyone became stuck in the high floodwaters. When they were by the beach in Bonita Springs, they saw a man stuck in his vehicle.

"He maybe had 10 more minutes before the car was submerged," Gavra said.

The men pulled the driver out of the vehicle. A video they posted online shows them carrying the man across waist-deep water. Garva said the man is "safe and sound."

Garva said they have no professional rescue experience as they are just "crazy Florida cowboys" who love people.

Bonita Springs was one of the hardest hit areas when Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday. Buildings are damaged, there are downed powerlines and many roads are impassable.

The City of Bonita Springs is under a curfew until further notice.