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Home invasion captured on video showing suspect trying to block security camera signal with wifi jammer

home invasion
Posted at 8:01 PM, Aug 19, 2022

A wanted man, suspected of burglary after multiple nearby home invasions in the New York borough of Queens was captured on a home security camera trying to use a wifi jammer to block a wifi-enabled security camera signal. That signal came back, and the camera was able to capture the man in action.

The suspect would break into homes in the middle of the day taking anything of value including cash, jewelry and luxury items, while ransacking the homes. It was unclear if police suspected just one person or multiple people possibly working together in the crimes.

As ABC 7 NY reported, the homeowners are usually not home as the suspect appears to arrive just as the homeowners are leaving. Since July 24, New York police said at least five residences were broken into in the same manner.

In one of the break-ins, the home of Imran Ahmed in Queens Village was invaded.

Surveillance video from a wifi-enabled security camera in the home wasn't able to be blocked during some of the home invasion which saw a creepy scene with a man covered in various cloth items was revealed slithering across the floor. He pushed a backpack and another black box, believed to be a wifi jammer. But the plan didn't work because the camera's signal wasn't blocked during some of the time the man was in the home, capturing him on video.

Video shared by the homeowner showed the unsettling scene.

Ahmed said, "We got an alert around 2:30 that our Wi-Fi went out." He said that at first, he "didn't think anything of it."

In the video, the man goes up the stairs, and when he comes back down, he says something that sounds like, "Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony."

Ahmed said, "We're literally two blocks from the [police] precinct." He said, "To have something like this happen is very scary."

One of the homes police are investigating had $30,000 in jewelry stolen, along with an $8,000 Louis Vuitton handbag.