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How to remedy seasonal pet allergies

Posted at 5:34 PM, Oct 13, 2023

Fall can be an awful season for allergies in humans, but for our pets too, and we just want to get them relief.

Tessa Hansen-Grey's dog "Freya" was recently diagnosed with allergies.

"It is hard to see them suffer like that and you feel bad," Hansen-Grey said. "Like you want to fix that, but you don't always know what to do."

She went to the vet to search for a solution that can help Freya.

"We're going for a follow-up because the last time we came she had a paw infection and ear infection, and that's when they informed us that she has allergies," Hansen-Grey said.

The vet prescribed her an allergy medication called Apoquel.

"I have to put it in an allergy-friendly treat and sometimes she spits it out," Hansen-Grey said.

The vet also gave her some ear drops to prevent infection from her scratching.

If you want to get your pet immediate relief, try giving them a bath to wash off grasses and pollens.

While seasonal allergies can be bad this time of year, The Vets lead veterinarian Dr. Brad Krohn says it's more common that our pets are dealing with allergies from fleas.

"Certain dogs and cats, believe it or not, are allergic to the minute little saliva that's in an individual flea bite," Dr. Krohn said. "And in those pets, the bite of a single flea can have ongoing allergic clinical signs that can last weeks or months from a single bite."

Dr. Krohn says your best course of action is getting a prescription-strength flea prevention medication from your vet since over-the-counter medications aren't as effective.