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Political violence a concern for voters heading into midterm election, poll finds

FBI Cincinnati
Posted at 11:29 AM, Nov 04, 2022

According to data released Friday, a Washington Post/ABC pollby Langer Research Associates found that 88% of voters are concerned about political violence.

The poll found that 63% of those surveyed were “very” concerned, while 25% said they were “somewhat concerned.” The poll found 95% of Democrats and 88% of Republicans are expressing some level of concern.

As far as who voters blame for potential violence, 32% point the finger at both parties, 31% blame Republicans and 25% say Democrats. Democrats were a little more likely to express concern, as 75% said they were very concerned about political violence, compared to 56% of Republicans.

Seniors were also more likely to express concerns.

The poll was conducted from Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, right after last week’s attack at the household of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her husband, Paul Pelosi, spent nearly a week in the hospital after a man broke into the couple’s home and attacked him with a hammer.

Last month, federal officials released a domestic terrorism report that outlined incidents in 2020 and 2021, some of which included plots to conduct politically motivated violence.