New green space to soon open for students and community at Carroll College

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-12 13:15:35-04

HELENA — Carroll College has begun a landscape enhancement project that will open the space next to North Benton Avenue for students and community members alike.

The lawn on the southwest corner of Carroll College is getting a bit of a makeover. The area, home to multiple buildings and Founders Corner will be turned into a green space with a brick opening meant for the public and the community of Helena. Multiple structures with significant deferred maintenance are to be demolished, except for one log cabin which will be moved to an off-campus area. Founders Corner will be moved to another area on campus. And time capsules that were buried on the property have already been moved to another location.

The construction began this week and is estimated to last about seven days. Then the college will landscape it and add irrigation with the hopes of being done by mid to late August.

Lori Peterson, Vice President for Finance, Administration, and Facilities Management at Carroll College, says that this development is meant to provide a space that students and folks from the community can enjoy.

“I think, really, the openness, the green space, welcoming them into our community. It's really another entrance point. We have a very open campus now. People walk their dogs. It’s such a beautiful campus just to partake in and take a nice walk,” says Peterson.

Eventually, Carroll College plans to move the currently situated power lines underground in order to open up the view from the future green space toward campus.