Old Salt making progress on new restaurant and butcher shop

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jul 07, 2023

HELENA — After only a couple weeks of demolition, the former Bert and Ernie’s is a blank canvas just about ready for Old Salt to begin creating what will become their restaurant and butcher shop.

The LLC, Old Salt Co-op, is expanding into the building off North Last Chance Gulch that Bert & Ernie’s used to occupy.

“And so, our goal has been create a community gathering space where we serve local food. On one side it will be the charcoal fire grill. And on the other side, a meat market for Old Salt Co-op sourced beef and lamb and pork,” says President of Old Salt Co-op, Cole Mannix.

They’ve gutted most of the inside and raised the ceiling up, opening the space up. After officially acquiring the building in June, Old Salt took to demolishing the interior to make way for a brand-new remodel.

“Bert and Ernie’s was a community fixture for such a long time and Toby DeWolf was such a big part of the community that we’re just trying to do justice to that. And we’re excited to see what the next phase might look like,” says Mannix.

The plan for the inside is to create a space for a butcher shop where they will sell meat products primarily processed over at their meat processing facility near Walmart. The meat comes from various farms throughout the state.

“Yeah, this is all Montana-raised and processed livestock,” says Mannix.

Additionally, the space will be home to a new restaurant. But don’t worry, the Outpost over at The Gold Bar will stay intact, Mannix assured MTN.

“The Outpost has been a really fun beginning as a, and that will stay what it is. This will not be a burger joint. So, this is going to be just a little bit higher level of food. And something where we can really host people in our own place,” says Mannix.

Mannix says that as soon as their construction permits go through, they plan to begin the remodel. The name of the new business and opening date are both currently unknown.