Phillipsburg looks to open the next Montana skatepark

Zane's Park the sight of the future saktepark, Phillipsburg
Posted at 10:47 AM, Feb 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-19 12:47:31-05

PHILIPSBURG — With many new skateparks opening up in small Montana towns, Philipsburg plans to be the next one on that list as community members are currently fundraising to build the next destination skatepark.

“They used to always say there’s nothing to do around here and I know that’s true in a lot of rural communities and skateparks in the last ten years or so have really become popular in Montana.” Philipsburg skatepark organizer Ruby Kikkertt said.

“There’s probably close to 40 of them here so we thought the kids of Granite County deserved one here.”

For Kikkertt, her grandkid's love for skateparks truly inspired her to pursue getting a park built in Philipsburg.

“It was something, an idea I got from these guys when we were traveling in the RV we’d go to the skateparks, Lincoln was their favorite, we’d camp right there in the city park and they’d go out and use the skatepark with their scooters and then we went to some other ones and they really liked that so we were thinking P-Burg needs to have one of those.”

Now that the location of the park is established in Zane’s Park, it's now being funded by grants from multiple organizations and non-profits such as Blackfoot, the Montana Skatepark Association, and Montana Pool Service which helped fund and build multiple parks in these Small towns.

The park has also drawn support from local Philipsburg businesses including the Philipsburg Brewing Company which jumped on the project early to host the initial fundraiser for the project.

“Anything that could attract people to Phillipsburg, you know we’ve got a lot of really cool things going on right now, but this is just another level, another activity that people can take place in here in our town and that would be good for the business, good for the community, and good for the local kids who just live here and are looking for something else to do," Philipsburg Brewing Company owner Nolan Smith said.

You can donate to the park’s fund by scanning the QR code here.