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Butte volunteers make sandwiches for those in need

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Posted at 4:32 PM, Apr 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-28 12:30:35-04

BUTTE — Every month at the Daily house, it’s an assembly line of sandwich makers. They’ve gotten pretty good at it and it goes to a good cause.

“We got 25 all ready to go,” said Judi Case, handing over freshly made sandwiches.

Volunteers show up at Jim and Mitzi Daily’s home to make sandwiches for sack lunches that are distributed to Butte’s needy. After about eight years of doing this, the group has gotten pretty good at it.

“You know, it takes a village to do anything, it really does, and everybody as you can see has a job. Jimmy and Dave are the sandwich makers, you know, Ray is the water guy and puts the bags in and Tod and Judy are always good they just jump right in,” said head volunteer Mitzi Daily.

You guys look like you have a good system here.

“We do, everybody kind of takes their same spot every time we come and it works out really good,” said Case.

Bill Daily added, “I’m a cookie counter, it’s a very hard job, and it’s very precise. Not everybody and do it, not everybody is qualified.”

Bill has a good reason to volunteer.

“Well, they’re my mom and dad all they do is ask and I’m here to help,” he said.

The lunch bags will be picked up by the community group Action Inc. and delivered to areas in the city where the needy and homeless are often found.

“We have it down to such a system, it does not take us very long at all. We got it going on you could say,” said Mitzi Daily.

Bill said his parents are always willing to help when there’s a need.

“They just do it. They’re just doers and not talkers, they never want to talk themselves up, but they certainly help anyone that needs it,” said Bill Daily.

Two other volunteer groups help make more than 120 lunch sacks a week for the Action Inc. program.

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