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Sunrise Presbyterian Church accepting donations for 'Crayon Initiative'

Crayons in a bag
Posted at 6:41 PM, May 28, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Sunrise Presbyterian Church is once again accepting donations of old, worn-out crayons for their Crayon Initiative Drive. Donations can be dropped off in boxes located outside both entrances of the Church.

Sunrise is experiencing an “explosion” of donations. Sixteen elementary schools are donating their supplies compared to the six that participated last year.

“As the schools close for the year, we'll collect crayons from kids, bring them back here and sort them. Last year we had 120 pounds of crayons that were sorted and shipped. This year we're expecting about three times that many,” says the Pastor at Sunrise, Jessica Crane Munoz.

The donated crayons are distributed across over 240 children’s hospitals all across the States. To date, donated crayons have been delivered to over 709,000 children. Crayons don’t biodegrade, and the drive has kept more than 53 million from needlessly ending up in landfills.

The drive is part of a continuing effort at Sunrise to care for the environment.

“Our church has spent the last year and a half worrying about the environment and what we can do locally, and we are hoping that the community joins in with us,” says Church Elder, Eric Chigbrow. “We figure that God made us stewards of the world and there is only one world. If our kids and grandkids are going to have a decent place to live, we think that we need to really step up and take a stand and see what we can do.”

Donations will be accepted until June 10th. The Church is encouraging the public to attend the final sorting of the crayons on Sunday, June 11th. Sunrise Presbyterian is located at 3809 Sixth Avenue South. For more information, call 406-453-2031.

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