Premier Fitness moves to two-story building after high fitness demand

Premier Fitness
Posted at 9:58 AM, Apr 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-26 11:55:33-04

HELENA — Michelle and her husband, Jon, not only push each other in the gym, they also push their clients to their limits. The Helena couple owns Premier Fitness and pride themselves on meeting your fitness goals.

"We really try to focus on building a foundation in helping people really achieve their goals for whatever their background whether they are just wanting to get in shape, get ready for the summer, or just get healthy or even compete. We're there to help them find that," says Michelle Bogden, co-owner of Premier Fitness.

Michelle is familiar with competition, she’s competed in fitness meets herself and transitioned her skills to this business helping others in the community with her husband. Both of them gained their passion for the gym out of years of military leadership experience.

"Being in the military, being able to keep up with a fairly male dominant organization and maintaining a high level of fitness, and set the example for my soldiers as a leader was something that was always important to me," says Michelle.

Now, the couple are setting an example for the community, but recently they came into a good problem.

"We were getting that word-of-mouth that was starting to build our business,” says Jon Bogden. “We ended up getting more members than we could handle at our old facility so we started looking out for newer places."

Jon says their previous facility could fit about 50 people, but wasn’t enough. So they transitioned to a two-story building in 2021 after their membership surge.

“The way I put it was, ‘it's exciting and terrifying all the same time.’ You never know what's going to happen, especially in the current time we just went through, but it seemed that more and more people are wanting to revisit the fitness and wellness aspect of their life," says Jon.

The couple hopes to bring more excitement to their new location with a coffee and smoothie bar in the future.