Prickly Pear Land Trust announces new Broadwater County conservation easements

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Posted at 7:28 AM, Oct 23, 2022

TOWNSEND — Prickly Pear Land Trust (PPLT) added not one, not two, but three new properties to its list of protected lands, and Prickly Pear land project manager Travis Vincent, is nothing but ecstatic about this new step.

"It's been really rewarding to work with the three families I got to work with," said Vincent.

Since 1996 Prickly Pear Land Trust has been providing tools to working farms and ranches to preserve open space and the land and water they depend on.

PPLT works to make farms and ranches interested in conservation easements. A conversion easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization, such as PPLT, to permanently protect the of the land.

"We really try to work on connecting with the community down here over the last three or so years and so this is just kind of the result for the year or so process," said Vincent.

Getting three conservation easements simultaneously doesn't happen often. In Travis Vincent's words, It's a big win for Prickly Pear Land Trust, and they are always working to get more.

"Next time you fly out of Helena and you fly south where you fly over this stretch of the Missouri River, and I want you to look down out of your window and just look at the green stretch and that will tell you everything you need to know about why we are so focused on these areas," said Vincent.

Prickly pear has protected more than 10,000 acres in easements in four different counties in Montana. The three new locations added a total of 1,500 acres.

"It's fantastic to be able to work with people who are willing to make that sacrifice," said Vincent, "so yeah it's always a thank you."