'Prime Day' prompts reminder about the importance of local businesses

Prime Day is June 11-12
Monique Meehan
Posted at 5:41 PM, Jul 11, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Shop local. It's something we've probably all heard and something we've probably all done, though maybe not as much as we could or should. Thankfully, though, the annual Amazon Prime Day (June 11-12) provides a perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of shopping local."

'Prime Day' prompts reminder about importance of local businesses

When Monique Meehan isn't busy working, she's happy to talk about the importance of supporting small, local businesses.

"It keeps the money in the community, it keeps our community growing," Meehan said.

Meehan owns Real Deals in Great Falls and made a post on Facebook encouraging people to use Prime Day as an opportunity to shop local.

"We definitely have those customers who understand the importance of supporting your local businesses," said Meehan.

But you don't have to just take a small business owner's word that shopping local is important.

"There have been studies done by a number of universities. They say that $68 of every $100 spent locally at a local business is put right back into the economy," said Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Shane Etzwiler.

Etzwiler said money isn't the only reason local businesses are important.

"Really, what makes a community unique is the small, local shops," he pointed out.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, small businesses employ 46 percent of Americans and make up 99.9 percent of all businesses in the U.S.

Aside from her Facebook post, Meehan was also using Prime Day to try to draw customers in by creating, as the jar at the checkout counter said, a Prime Day Giveaway.

"Any day this week, you can bring in a receipt from a local retail store or make a purchase here and you're entered to win a giveaway from us," said Meehan.

She said knowing there are customers who understand the importance of shopping local makes her feel great.

"We love the local support. We have great customers," Meehan said, happily.