Recycling event held at Capitol, leaders in industry honored

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Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-10 10:06:32-05

HELENA — Most people are aware that things like paper and aluminum are recyclable. But that's just the surface. In Montana, companies work to repurpose everything from electronics to clothing.

The Recycle Montana Legislative Event took place this Monday afternoon at the Capitol Rotunda.

Recyclers from throughout the state gathered at the Capitol building in order to discuss current recycling practices and give out awards to those who are leading the way in recycling in the state.

Awards for Recycler of the Year and Lifetime Recycling Achievement Award were given out.

David Leverett, Vice President of We Recycle Montana, out of Bozeman, gives credit to the entire staff of We Recycle Montana. And touted the job creation that has come out of We Recycle Montana.

“The award is great to do it, but it's not really me that is getting the award. It's the entire staff of all the families and everybody that works together. And the fact that we are creating jobs and income that was not there before,” says Leverett.

Additionally, a $10,000 grant was given to Twin Bridges Future Farmers of America. They plan to use this money to rehabilitate a trailer that can be used for recycling. They plan to take this trailer throughout the community to encourage folks to recycle.

“We can use it for things like roadside cleanups, and again Madison County Fair collecting recycled goods there, or even Pacific Steel and Recycling with salvage opportunities and local steel and recycling of our car bash cars from homecoming, to again lots of community support where we go out and find the recycle and salvage steel that we can take and collect for our chapter to increase some funds and do a little fundraising that way, as well,” says AG Educator for Twin Bridges HS & MS, and FFA Advisor, Colton Hellwinkel.

President of Recycle Montana, Mark Nelson, says that in addition to recognizing recyclers in the state, they use this event to lobby for recycling during the legislative session.

“ remind the legislators that recycling is a need. You can't just keep burying everything. You gotta think ahead,” says Nelson.