Renovations continue on the Carroll College Corette Library

Corette Library.png
Posted at 5:22 PM, Jan 23, 2024

HELENA — Construction has continued on the Carroll College Corette Library.

MTN stopped by Tuesday to get the full renovation update.

“All the services will be the same, but we’re using a more appropriate footprint for that and giving more space to the students,” said Jennifer Oates, the Library Director at Carroll College.

This renovation is building on the work completed in 2019, which transformed the lower level of the library.

This renovation is focused on the upper level and will be the final phase of the project.

Much of the renovation decisions have been based on previous student feedback the college has received.

“A lot of what where doing is based on student feedback from the lower level as well as what they want,” Oates said.

They have added more windows, added nine more study spaces and added a Fireside room students can access 24/7.

They are also moving some equipment upstairs to new dedicated areas, that will include staff support.

“We’re excited to be adding a tech corner, where we’ll have the podcasting and the makers space brought upstairs and will also be post-production for technologies,” said Oates.

The library hopes the new space will excite regular library users and encourage more students to use the space.

“We do have a lot of tired and true users, but there are some we don’t get in the building very often, so we’re trying to reach them as well,” Oates said.

They hope to remodel will be finished this spring.

They are having to wait a little longer for furniture because of continuing supply chain issues.