Road rage incident results in guns being drawn at East Helena Town Pump

Town Pump signs
Posted at 5:14 PM, Jul 03, 2024

EAST HELENA — Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton says a road rage incident in East Helena Tuesday night resulted in two men drawing guns.

Dutton told MTN that the incident happened around 8:15 PM at the Town Pump Food Store on Lane Avenue. Deputies from the sheriff's office and the Helena Police Department responded.

According to Sheriff Dutton, the incident started between Helena and East Helena when one driver allegedly cut the other off. Both drivers pulled into the Town Pump, where an argument ensued, with both drivers reportedly pulling out guns.

Dutton says both men began yelling at each other before one fled into the store and asked for the police to be called. Neither man fired their weapons, and no one was injured.

"We don't need to be living in the Wild West. This could have been solved much easier. There were kids playing [and] all kinds of people around there. The potential for innocent casualties was huge [and] insurmountable," said Dutton.

Thirteen units were on scene at the Town Pump, and the store had to be shut down for roughly 40 minutes.

No arrests were made as both parties claimed self-defense.