Senior State Department official speaks at Carroll College

Bill Russo
Posted at 4:43 PM, Jan 31, 2024

Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Global Affairs Bill Russo shared insight on global current events and their impact on local communities at Carroll College, on Wednesday.

According to Russo, he is the first senior official to make an official state department visit to Montana in five years.

He spoke to a small crowd over lunch at Carroll College that included students, faculty, local leaders and representatives from the University of Montana's Mansfield Center.

Russo touched on topics ranging from foreign policy priorities, the diplomacy and engaging the public on issues that, at times, can feel a world away.

“Meeting folks where they are, if I had to put a sign on my desk for my job that’s exactly it. We want to meet with farmers, we want to meet with students, professors, academics, we want to meet with the business community. It’s not just enough to speak to the people who already understand why foreign policy matters here at home, we want to have an opportunity to have the change to convince people who maybe don’t think about it that way or never had the chance to think about it,” Russo said.