Showdown Montana: 'We’re looking at a good, snowy winter'

Rickey Nash
Posted at 9:10 AM, Nov 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-11 11:10:56-05

We are almost midway through the month of November, and the snow has already arrived. That means for skiers and snowboarders, it may be time to prep early ahead of the winter season.

We checked in with Showdown Montana to get a preview on what to expect as they are preparing for opening weekend on December 9th.

"We’re looking at a good, snowy winter," said Showdown Operations Director A.J. Korslien. "It’s supposed to be La Niña, so we're favorable for wet and cold conditions, so lots of snow up here in Showdown."

Showdown staff have been busy preparing for those heading to the mountains in Neihart. They are also preparing for some newcomers.

Showdown Engagement Director and Events Coordinator Rickey Nash said, "We always see a lot of new faces up here every season, and as far as new-to skiing and snowboarding goes, Showdown has really amazing opportunities for those folks. We do a lot of first timer programs, we have first-timer lessons, we have our take-three Sundays free program, which is geared towards first-timer skiers and riders only."

Showdown says they have the necessary resources to gear everyone up, for what they expect to be yet another active year with some returners, and newcomers.

"We're really fortunate with all the people that come year after year," said Korslien. "We got a good community that comes back every year, and we see new faces every year as well, so we're always welcoming for those new people."

Showdown is also relying heavily on staff to ensure their operations are successful ahead of the season.

Nash stated, "We're hiring in full swing. We've had so many applicants this year, we just had the most amazing people applying to work here. We feel very fortunate. We're still hiring for some departments on the mountains, so if you're looking for a fun place to work this winter, and spend four months on this beautiful mountain, and we're always looking for new faces to join the family."