Skiers eager for Bridger Bowl lifts to open

Skiers climb Bridger Bowl to get a taste of their favorite runs before opening day
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Posted at 3:35 PM, Nov 09, 2022

As opening day at Bridger Bowl is quickly approaching on December 9, skiers from the valley are eagerly anticipating the lifts to open. Since Bridger Bowl is public land, many skiers come out to hike up their favorite runs and ski back down prior to the lifts being open.

“I'm most excited to spend some time outside with my friends and hopefully we get some more snow this winter and enjoy the mountains,” says one skier, Dylan, out hiking up Bridger Bowl.

Dylan says hiking up the slopes before they open is a good way to prepare for the upcoming ski season.

“Get the legs moving like I got to make sure I remember how to ski before the winter comes and it's fun, you know spending some time outside,” Dylan says.

Around 283,000 skiers visited Bridger Bowl last year. With a settled snow depth of 22 inches so far this year, Bridger Bowls Marketing Director, Erin O'Connor says the crew is busy prepping the mountain for opening day.

“We've got the snow guns out now. So the mountain ops crew is getting already they've groomed a few of our runs,” says O'Connor.

O'Connor loves to see skiers climbing the mountain before the season starts, but wants to make sure everyone is keeping a watchful eye out for the equipment grooming the slopes.

A look at Bridger Bowl one month before opening day:

Skiers eager for Bridger Bowl lifts to open

“We need people to be very aware of avoiding the snow guns, avoiding snow cats, as well as snowmobiles because we've got people up on the mountain setting up,” says O'Connor.

Although Bridger Bowl welcomes skiers to climb before opening day, it cannot last forever.

“They can come up and hike up until we open typically it's a day or two before we open because again we're trying to get them out and ready,” says O'Connor.

Skiers like Dylan are excited to start their season a little early by going on their favorite run.

“My favorite run is probably like the boundary line of Alpha Slushmans is really sick," says Dylan, "I really like that, the hike is super fun, the views are good.”