Some voters may see new polling locations due to redistricting

Polling Locations.JPG
Posted at 5:20 PM, Jun 03, 2024

HELENA — Every 10 years, a new census is taken to determine population change. Due to these changes, redistricting occurs.

New polling locations include Birdseye Volunteer Fire Station number 2 for precinct number 27, Tri-Lakes Volunteer Fire Station Number 1 for precinct number 22, and Canyon Creek School for precinct number 26. This last location is a semi-new location as they’ve used it before in 2022.

Connor Fitzpatrick, the Lewis and Clark County Elections Division Supervisor, says this information is vital to voters as they may have to send voters to a different polling location if they arrive at the wrong polling location.

“Hopefully it gets them ahead of time so that they’re prepared and ready to go and that they’re not kind of scrambling at the last minute trying to figure out, now, wait a minute. I thought I was going here. Why did this all change? Redistricting. So, hoping everybody’s on the ball here, trying our best to keep everybody there as well,” says Fitzpatrick.

Kevin Zwicker, Chief Election Judge for Precinct 27 says having polling locations closer to the voters can help bring in more votes.

“The closer we are to the people that are voting, the more apt they are to vote. And getting those votes out there, that’s the important part,” says Zwicker.

You can check your voter confirmation card to find your correct polling station, or you can use the my-voter page on the Secretary of State’s website. There you can also track the status of your ballot. You can find the link to a list of polling locations here.