Sun River robotics team earns international recognition

Sun River robotics team
Sun River robotics team
Posted at 8:56 AM, Jul 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-31 10:56:20-04

The world champion robotics team from Sun River is here at the Montana State Fair showing off their robots and giving people the chance to test them out for themselves.

This was Isaac Snyder’s first year on the team and he said he has already learned so much about robotics and everything that goes into it.

“I think one of my favorite parts is being able to innovate with these robots and one of the main things that I enjoy a lot is that through cad design I can have an idea in my head and quickly design it on a computer and send it over to a 3D printer and be able to actually have a part that I can hold in my hand within a couple of hours,” said Snyder.

The Rednek Robotics team is made up of 8 talented members who get to learn so much through being a part of this team.

Robyn Mathison has been on the Rednek Robotics team for three years now and sees the team as an incredible opportunity.

Sun River robotics team

“It just became so amazing to be part of something this big and be able to work with so many different people,” said Mathison. “[We] learn so many new things and it’s just so much fun.”

The team recently went to the first world robotics competition in Houston, Texas where they placed 20 overall out of almost 200 teams and received the judges’ choice Inspire Award.

“It was a really big learning experience for us. We’re a really young team, four out of our seven main team members are brand new. They'd never done robotics before this year, so just making it to Worlds was a huge achievement for us,” said Mathison.

The team has worked on various projects, but Snyder, being a first-year member is especially proud of his creation of the robot’s functional arm that can pick objects up.

I was the main driver on the team, so I controlled the arm and the claw, and all that kind of movement and it was an amazing experience,” said Snyder. “There were like 190 or so teams there and we placed at 20 so we did pretty good for our first year.”