'Thanksgiving Chill:' Bozeman drivers, sledders brave snow on Turkey Day

Posted at 10:38 AM, Nov 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-29 16:51:41-05

Thanksgiving Day brought some nasty conditions for drivers across most of the area.

“This is Montana," says Joe, who went along with his family to the Gallatin County Regional Park for some sledding. "We gotta love it.”

Montana brought a glaze of ice on the roads to go with Thanksgiving dinner this year.

For one of the busiest holidays for travel, those taking their chances in the elements say it’s a bad mix.

Police in Bozeman, Gallatin County Sheriff’s deputies and Montana Highway Patrol say scenes like a rollover in west Bozeman have been happening throughout the day.


In the case at Durston Road and Gooch Hill, no one was seriously hurt.

Emergency responders say the roads aren’t getting better

But over at the Gallatin County Regional Park, the Thanksgiving snow was more of a good thing.

“Oh, just sledding with the family, getting a little break," says Chase, another man who went sledding with his family. "We’re cooking some food so we thought we’d come over and get some sledding in.”

For those hitting the slopes like Chase and his family -- snow won’t stop them from remembering what the day is about.

“Number one, family," Chase says. "We’re here celebrating our family and our health and it’s a beautiful day.”

Same goes for Joe.

As long as you are careful, he says the snow can be part of the celebration, for both people and their pups.

“Getting some exercise for the dog and myself," Joe says.

But Joe adds the weather needs to be respected.

Leftovers will be waiting for you.

Be safe getting to it.

“Take your time," Joe says. "It’s hard to stop on ice.”