There’s a new axe-throwing business in town

Brewer Creek Axe Throwing
Posted at 6:06 PM, Apr 17, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-18 10:44:03-04

EAST HELENA — There’s a new axe-throwing business in town.

A group of ten spent Tuesday, April 16, evening learning and improving their throwing skills.

“Axe coaches will teach anybody the proper way the actually go ahead and get the axe head into the target,” said Keith Brewer, an Owner of Brewer Creek Axe Throwing.

Brewer Creek Axe Throwing is a mobile axe-throwing trailer.

Brewer Creek Trailer

Owners Keith and Galen Brewer originally got the idea through their passion for travel.

“We have a hobby of visiting all the local breweries around and when we travel, we try to find something to do and we found that lot of places like Spokane and Missoula, butte have axe throwing,” Brewer said.

They wanted to bring an experience back to the Helena area.

“One day we noticed an axe-throwing trailer and we thought Helena that would be great. We used to have it in town. They couldn’t do it anymore,” said Brewer.

The trailer was built in November and Brewer Creek had a soft launch earlier this year.

The trailer has been parked at Missouri River Brewing in East Helena every Thursday and Friday night.

“We ask folks to call us and make a reservation and book the time. That way we know we're set up and there for them. Walk-ins are about 50/50 depending on if we have a reservation,” Brewer said.

Events have been open to fill other nights.

During booked events, Brewer Creek offers some other fun activities.

“Cornhole and ladder golf and we’ve got Montana yard dice. So, while people are waiting for a chance to get in the trailer, they’ve got something to do,” said Brewer.

They will also run friendly competitions and let you try your hand at different axes.

“Are throwing hatches are a little lighter. We’re focused on getting people to go ahead and get it in the wood so they can focus on playing the games that come along with the trailer,” Brewer said.

For the summer season, Brewer Creek will be at Copper Furrow Brewing on Wednesday nights, Missouri River Brewing on Thursday nights and Lewis and Clark Brewery on Sunday afternoons.

More information about Brewer Creek can be found here.