Tips to prevent frozen pipes when leaving for the holidays

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Posted at 4:52 PM, Dec 16, 2022

When leaving town for the holidays, it's important to follow certain precautions like leaving your faucet dripping and cabinets open to prevent pipes from bursting in your home.

“I never leave my temperature below 55 degrees. Usually, I leave it at 60,” says homeowner, Maryland Tracey.

Tracey says she takes certain steps to ensure her pipes don't freeze and burst.

“I don't have an outdoor faucet but when I did on the outside wall of my house you want to leave your faucet dripping a little bit and you want to leave your cupboard doors open so that heat gets in,” says Tracey.

According to the American Red Cross, preventing pipes from freezing is as easy as keeping garage doors closed and keeping the thermostat 55 degrees or above. According to State Farm Insurance, you should insulate your pipes, use heat tape or heat cables, seal leaks, and secure outdoor faucets. State Farm also encourages people to ask their friends and neighbors to check on their house daily while out of town.

“I remember when I had an older home, I had to do all those things," says Tracey. "And if you're in a modular home, or somewhere where there's less insulation you want to make really sure that you keep everything as warm as you can.”

Tracey recommends preventing frozen pipes by considering products to heat them.

“You can buy these things at Home Depot and Lowe's and stuff now that like their cables and you could put them inside by your faucets and your pipes,” says Tracey.

She says keeping your pipes warm and house safe is easier than you may think.

“It's just using your common sense,” says Tracey.