Touchmark spreads dementia awareness on the longest day of the year

Comparison of brains
Posted at 9:16 AM, Jun 21, 2024

HELENA — Touchmark Retirement Community hosted events to spread dementia awareness on Thursday, the year's longest day.

The longest day of the year is used to spread awareness for dementia, as the illness is constant for both those with it and those caring for them.

Presentation on dementia

One event was a dementia simulator run by Heart to Heart Home Care.

Participants wore special glasses, noise-canceling headphones, and two pairs of gloves to imitate what it may be like to live with dementia while completing everyday chores.


The chores ranged from putting on and tying shoes, hanging laundry, sorting silverware, and putting puzzle pieces together.

Woman putting together a puzzle

After the simulation, the owner of Heart to Heart, Lindsey Klebenow, presented the different types of dementia, how it progresses, and things to remember when caring for someone with dementia.

"They do remember you in some capacity. It's just not the capacity that you want it to be in. It's what they can comprehend in that moment. Don't stop coming. Don't stop loving them. Don't stop being that external caregiver if they are in a memory care unit. Always be there for them," she said.

You can find more information about dementia and local resources on the Heart to Heart Adult Care website.