Upgrades completed for Motor Vehicle Division's computer system

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-11 12:14:09-05

GREAT FALLS — So far, so good for the upgrade to the Montana Motor Vehicle Division's computer system. The system was shut down statewide for several days in November for the upgrade.

Driver services and vehicle services are now on the same system and the system is now more secure, according to the agency.

MVD Operations Manager Sky Schafer said staff are still getting used to the new system: "We're going a little slow in processing transactions just because staff are continuing to get used to the new system, so we ask for a little bit of patience."

Anyone who needs driver services is encouraged to make an appointment online with the MVD.

(NOVEMBER 16) Starting Friday, November 19th, the Cascade County Treasurer’s Office will be updating its computer system for the Motor Vehicle Department. The updates are scheduled to be completed no later than November 30th, but could be finished as soon as Monday, November 23rd.

The State of Montana Motor Vehicle Division is shutting down all operations for Motor Vehicle Department offices state-wide for the upgrades. During this time, customers will be unable to register or renew vehicle registrations in person.

Renewals received in the mail or online will still be accepted, however payments won’t be processed until November 30th, or when the system is available.

“They’re going to shut our systems down from Thursday night at seven o’clock and gradually bring us back up, hopefully by Monday afternoon,” said Cascade County Treasurer Diane Heikkila.

“We’re basically going to be totally down on motor vehicle transactions, any renewals, title work, or anything that has to do with motor vehicle until Tuesday morning and there’s no guarantee it’ll be back up and running officially until November 30th.”

The Cascade County Treasurer's Office would also like to remind everyone that they can take care of most motor vehicle operations online; click here for the state website.