Volunteers help Belgrade farm with harvest before the snow storm

Volunteers helped harvest beats, kale, turnips and radishes before the storm
Posted at 2:33 PM, Oct 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 16:33:56-04

Record-setting cold temperatures and snowfall has kept many farmers and ranchers in Gallatin County on their toes.

Amaltheia organic dairy in Belgrade is no different.

“I definitely, definitely was feeling a bit worried about it. and hoping for a bit longer fall than going from summer to winter,” said Nathan Brown with Amaltheia Farm.

The farm produces cheese, pork product and certified organic vegetables including kale, onions, turnips and radishes.

As soon as Amatheia Farm heard about the bad weather in the forecast, they made a post on Facebook asking for volunteers to come out and help get as many fall vegetables harvested as possible.

Sure enough, about 12 people showed up and they were able to take care of all their fall harvest needs.

“It was really great to have all the volunteers show up. We did not give them much of a notice,” said Brown.

“I gave them like a one day notice and said hey, we're in need of some folks at any time throughout the day.”

Between the farm hands and volunteers, the crew harvest thousands of pounds of beats, radishes, kale and turnips.

“It's always exciting to see to see the amount of work you can get done with so many extra hands,” said Dan Spiwak, an employee at Amaltheia.

You can find Amalthia’s products at the Bozeman farmers market, town and country and the co-op, as well as a number of local restaurants in town.