Walk with a Doc program started up at St. Peter's Health

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jun 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-02 19:35:56-04

HELENA — St. Peter’s Health has started up a Walk with a Doc chapter here in Helena.

“I tell them they can shout at me any question they want about medicine, only thing we’re not going to talk about is politics,” says Dr. David Krainacker from St. Peter’s Health.

Started in 2005 by a doctor in Ohio, the Walk with a Doc program allows participants to learn about a current health-related topic from a healthcare professional. Afterward, participants can enjoy an hour walk.

“Well, we want to get people to exercise more. As I, like I was saying earlier, a lot of Americans just don’t get enough exercise,” says Dr. Krainacker.

Dr. Krainacker led Helena’s first ever Walk with a Doc event on Friday afternoon. And Dr. Krainacker doesn’t just talk the walk, he literally walks the walk. A doctor with St. Peter’s Lifestyle Medicine initiative, Friday morning, he went for a 7-mile run, despite the downpour.

“One of our sayings in lifestyle medicine is that there’s no really bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. So, we just try to work ourselves outside more,” says Dr. Krainacker.

Walk with a Doc is a great way to find out about how you can improve your health all while meeting new potential friends and getting the blood pumping for an hour. Friday’s current health topic covered processed foods.

“Right now, the average American eats between 75 and 80% of its, of their calories as processed food. Now, what is processed food? Well, if you go back in time say 3 or 400 years, it’s something our ancestors wouldn’t recognize,” says Dr. Krainacker.

Helena’s Walk with a Doc will be held at least 1 Friday every month from noon to 1. When the weather is nice it will be held in Centennial Park, otherwise, the program will take place in the YMCA.