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Deadline approaching to get studded snow tires swapped out

Deadline approaching to get studded snow tires swapped out
Posted at 3:57 PM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-23 11:56:43-04

HELENA — With summer around the corner, that leaves Montana drivers with a couple more weeks to remove studded tires from vehicles.

“We've been very busy, but we've been very busy for two months,” said Nick Fox, co-owner of Point S J&J. ”We do our best to make sure we can get people worked in the proper amount of time so they could get t studs off before the legal date has passed.”

According to the Montana Department of Transportation, drivers have until May 31st to remove studded tires from their vehicles.

Leaving studded tires on past the removal date can result in a $25 fine, and it can also wear the tires out faster. In dry summer months, studded tires can easily spark a fire.

The cost to remove studded tires varies depending on where you go. Some tire companies might swap out tires for free if you purchase new tires from them.

“It's going to stay busy for the remainder of May here, so yeah, we got quite a few tires still in storage that we have to install for our customers,” said Fox.