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Weather Wise: April Cool's!

Weather Wise: April Cool's!
Posted at 5:38 PM, May 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-02 20:51:20-04

HELENA — April 2022 has come to an end and the stats are in. Most of the state had well below normal temperatures, with most areas experiencing the coldest April in about 25 years. Precipitation was slightly below average to right around average in a few locations.

Great Falls tied for its fifth coldest April on record, running more than 6 degrees below normal. precipitation was right near the normal of 1.73". Records have been kept since 1886.

The Capital City of Helena averaged 38.8 degrees for the month, also 6 degrees below normal making it the Queen City of the Rockies' 10th coldest April ever. Precipitation was a quarter-inch below normal.

April 2022 was Havre's 12th coldest April on record, and it was Cut Bank's 10th coldest April ever. This part of the Hi-Line had the driest April since 2008. Glasgow was 5 degrees below normal and had near-normal precipitation around an inch.

If you thought it was windy in northeast Montana, you're right. April 2022 was the second windiest month ever at Glasgow.

Lewistown had over 2" of precipitation which is above normal, and the coldest April in 25 years.

Many areas did not see enough precipitation to really improve drought status, but cool temperatures helped keep Montana from falling further. Moisture readily evaporates more efficiently in warmer temperatures. The cool month also allowed mountain snowpack to increase at a time when it typically decreases.

April Cool's! While it probably was not as warm as people would like, this past month's weather was beneficial at a critical time of year.