Wedding and bachelorette prices skyrocket in Gallatin County and nationally

One bride shares her experience planning a wedding in Gallatin County and the hardships she has faced.
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Posted at 9:10 AM, Aug 22, 2022

With the cost of inflation rising post COVID, many brides in Gallatin County and nationally are facing hardships when planning their bachelorette parties and weddings. One local bride, Monica Payne shared with us how planning her wedding in February as a local in Gallatin County is going.

“The Summer prices here are like insane. So we ended up choosing winter time," says Payne.

Payne was shocked to see the prices of wedding venues around the Bozeman area. Wedding Planner Kristin Woehler says prices are just getting higher and that she sees the prices ranging “anywhere from about $7,500 to $12,000 for one day."

Woehler says the reason weddings have become so expensive is that Bozeman is becoming such a hot spot for tourists to visit.

“It's actually driven a lot of the locals out of the Bozeman area," says Woehler, "I very rarely work with locals to plan weddings.”

With the rising costs due to tourism, brides like Payne can't afford many local venues because out-of-towners have already booked them at very high prices.

“People are like just flying here with a lot of money to book these venues," says Payne, "And I get it if the venue can make more money renting to an out-of-towner, do it, but that's just not our lifestyle right now”.

Woehler says she has seen less expensive weddings in the most unexpected places.

“I've seen it higher priced in Gallatin than it was in New York when I planned a wedding there and that was only two-three years ago,” says Woehler.

The increase in prices is not just a local issue. Motley Fool Ascent contributor, David Chang, says that inflation has nationally affected bachelorette party and wedding costs.

“As were post COVID costs have gone up with inflation. We're seeing that the average bachelorette party is over two grand and the average wedding $27,000,” says Chang.

With Bachelorette prices increasing as well, brides like Payne have another thing to add to their already high expenses of wedding planning.

“My best friends are getting married this year. So I'm going to four bachelorettes before my wedding even," says Payne, "I'm going to Savannah for Labor Day, and that alone is going to be like $2,000 or $3,000 for three days.”

According to Payne, working with local vendors is also a helpful way to get good advice and direction about wedding planning. She says she has had a lot of help from the owner of Plume Bridal, Mckenzie Treinen about where to turn when planning a wedding in Gallatin County.

“She is awesome and she's kind of given me direction on how to move forward like, you know, this is a good rental spot. This is more feasible," says Payne.

Although costs are rising when it comes to planning a wedding in Gallatin County, it is important to know your resources and know that local vendors are here to help in any way to plan your very special day.