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Darby family rebuilding their life after house fire

Posted at 9:40 AM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 11:40:24-05

A family in Darby lost their home early last Tuesday morning, MTN spoke with them to see how they are going to rebuild and stick together.

The chandelier lies on the table beside a dining room that should be prepped for dinner, the stairs, soggy from the water used to put out the fire -- it’s a disaster.

“Somehow I had it in my head that we were just going to put it out and we were going to go back inside. Turns out it wasn’t going to be that simple," said Conni Brown, whose family's home was lost in a house fire on Oct. 26.

Alan and Conni Brown of Darby are remaining positive despite their home of two years being burned to the ground.

“We’ll get through it. We will get back to normal. It’s just an inconvenience. As long as everyone made it out okay, it’s an inconvenience," said Alan.

The Darby community has stepped up to help the Browns -- from finding a place to stay until March to helping their triplets with homework. And the Browns are blown away by the helping hands.

“They want to help us from Salt Lake City to Massachusetts to Missoula. I think we’ve seen more good from losing the house than negative from the community," said Alan.

Conni especially saw the helping hands of neighbors and community members as a reminder that the community cares about them.

“We’ve never expected this, we are blown away every-day I mean, it makes it very emotional that people care about you that much," said Conni.

They have been through a lot as a family and just see this house fire as an obstacle -- not the world ending.

“We’ve been through a lot as a family, raising triplets was not easy, so we always learned to overcome what is in front of us," said Conni.

Now the family will move forward, being grateful they all made it out alive.

“As a family we are solid, and we stayed together we’ve been through a lot and we’ve always had each other and that’s the most important we took from that home," said Conni.

Donations to help the family can be dropped off at the Bitterroot Credit Union.