With government shutdown averted, Yellowstone National Park remains open as season winds down

Posted at 9:16 PM, Oct 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-02 23:16:50-04

With the federal government funded for another 45 days, Yellowstone National Park remains open this week. But, it's getting late in the season, so many services and places to stay in the park are already closed.

The Bridge Bay campground and all services are closed.

The Canyon campground and cabins are closed, though the lodges and many services are open for another week. The visitor center is open until Oct. 31.

The Fishing Bridge RV Park, General Store, and Visitor Center are open for another week.

Except for the clinic, everything at Lake Village is closed.

In the West Thumb area most everything is closed, except for the Lewis Lake campground which closes on Oct. 14. The visitor center is open for one more week.

The Old Faithful Inn is open one more week while the Snow Lodge and Visitor Center remain open until the end of the month. The upper general store is open for another two weeks but the cabins are already closed.

The Madison Campground closes Oct. 15 while the West Yellowstone Visitor Center closes Oct. 31.

The Norris Museum and Bookstore are open for one more week.

In the Tower-Roosevelt area, everything except the Slough Creek campground is already closed.

At Mammoth, the hotel and most services close at the end of the month but the Visitor Center and General Store are open year-round.

Yellowstone will re-open on a limited basis for the winter season, starting Dec. 15, which falls on a Friday this year. Here’s a link to the park’s full opening and closing dates for this season.