You can take a brewery tour by pedal pub trolley

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jun 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-12 13:25:06-04

HELENA — Helena’s newest brewery tour allows folks to pedal their way from the rendezvous point at Lewis & Clark Brewing Co. to other breweries in downtown Helena.

“The best part about it is, you know, they don't know each other in the beginning but at the end, they're best friends. Everybody seems to just have the best time. I have yet to have anybody get off this bike and say that wasn't the best time they've had in a long, long time,” says owner of Bert and Ernie’s Pedal Pub Trolley, Toby DeWolf.

From bachelor parties to team building outings to just a fun evening out, the Bert and Ernie’s Pedal Pub Trolley is now offering rides, and a low-intensity workout, throughout the summer and for as long as the nice weather persists.

Requiring at least 6 people and up to 15, participants pedal their way throughout Helena to different breweries. The brewery tour takes off from Lewis and Clark, then to Ten Mile, Blackfoot, Ascension, and finally back to Lewis and Clark. The trolley also allows folks to bring their own alcohol on board.

This unique way of seeing Helena was started by the owner of the now-closed Bert and Ernie’s.

DeWolf says that this is an idea that was already around even before selling the restaurant.

“You know, Bert & Ernie’s has been in Helena for 50 years and in Montana and it's still a traditional gathering kind of a thing. And why not continue this in that avenue? And it works. I mean, it just, it fits. And honestly, it's a lot more fun. And people are enjoying it. It brings smiles to everybody's face. And it's nice to see the community out and actually waving and smiling and happy,” says DeWolf.

And folks on the trolley were doing exactly that.

“If you ever wondered what it was like to work out and drink at the exact same time, like, this is pretty much it … You can do it on your Peloton at home I guess, but this is way more fun,” says pedal pub trolley participant, Brad Ouldhouse.

“The weather is perfect, the vibe is perfect, and we're having a great time,” says pedal pub trolley participant, Crystal Curry.

“The reaction is a lot of fun. That's half of it. We've got a party on board, but, yeah, you know, there's all the honks and the waves and everything else. It's pretty cool,” says Ouldhouse.

Additionally, the trolley also offers a Historic Helena Tour. If you’d like to push the pedals around town you can sign up online.