Next Storm: More Wind Than Snow

Posted at 6:07 PM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 20:43:38-04

Here comes another storm. This one won't be nearly as powerful as the last historic storm but there will be some rain, snow and wind. While the snow will mainly be light and confined to the mountains, the wind will be stronger than the last storm. Wind will howl across the Montana prairies for days, and along with warmer temperatures should melt much of that snow on the ground through the end of the weekend. The storm is already moving into the state with a few showers west of the Continental Divide. This storm will mainly affect areas along and west of the Continental Divide. This time the Rocky Mountain Front and Hi-Line will miss the snow and rain. There will be more precipitation down near I-90 through Friday. Wind will increase through the afternoon and evening. Saturday will be a windy day across the state, but the snow and rain will once again mainly be confined to areas near the Continental Divide. If you're heading up into the mountains this Saturday be prepared for snow on the ground, snow falling, stronger wind and chilly temperatures. 2-6" could accumulate in the higher terrain through Saturday afternoon. That disturbance will clear for Sunday. While most of the state will have a beautiful bluebird day, most of the prairie locations will be very windy. Wind will be very light or calm in the valley locations of western Montana. Temperatures will also warm for much of Montana on Sunday. Beautiful fall weather (albeit windy) will continue for Monday and most of Tueday. Late on Tuesday the next storm will spread rain and lowering snow levels into Wednesday morning. A few inches of snow are possible in the lower elevations by Wednesday morning. But don't worry, this snow and cold won't stick around for long.
Have a great day.
Curtis Grevenitz