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Brian's Top Notch Cafe: take-out business is booming

Brian's Top Notch Cafe: take-out business is booming
Brian's Top Notch Cafe: take-out business is booming
Posted at 2:39 PM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 16:39:58-04

While many businesses struggle to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brian’s Top Notch Cafe is doing better than ever.

Brian Kapphan took to the GF Take Down & Take Out Facebook group page Monday to share his excitement about positive business trends despite the negative economic climate. Kapphan’s post read: “Good morning Great Falls. We have been doing curbside and pick up for the last month It's been the best our business has done in years…”

Kapphan’s recent affinity for social media is responsible for his recent boom in business. “When the coronavirus hit, I started doing the Facebook page and started taking the 'Take Down Take-Out' with my food every day over the internet and people just went crazy over it,” Kapphan said, referring to the popular Facebook page that encourages Great Falls residents to support local restaurants ( details here ).

Kapphan and his daughters use social media to engage with their customers and attract more business to the cafe. “My daughters...we seen everybody else doing it. and we just decided to try it. So every day we post our breakfast and lunch on there - what we’re gonna have for each day. And we just get huge responses,” Kapphan said.

Prior to coronavirus shutdowns, Kapphan had never used social media and hardly utilized to-go services. “I just don’t advertise. I never have. I’ve been open for 31 years...I cook here through the winter and in the spring I close a lot and go do my concessions,” Kapphan said.

The recent increase in business has helped offset the loss of business from many of the events he would have operated concession stands that have since been canceled.

Even before coronavirus concerns became a reality for Great Falls, there wasn’t much in-store traffic. “It was slow...I mean we still had business but nothing like we had now,” Kapphan said. In fact, Kapphan said, business closures have been beneficial. “It’s helped me big time. I feel sorry for the businesses that have been affected. But it’s been really great for me,” Kapphan said.

Kapphan will continue to offer to-go services. Dine-in services are also available but seating is limited.

Brian’s Top Notch Cafe is located at 718 Central Avenue in downtown Great Falls; click here to visit the Facebook page .