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Boulder Hot Springs honors history with new round of renovations

Boulder Hot Springs honors history with new round of renovations
Posted at 8:13 PM, Nov 02, 2022

BOULDER — Boulder Hot Springs, a property that dates back to the 1890s, features no shortage of history and no shortage of warmth with winter on the horizon. Recently, the ownership group of the property received close to a $500,000 Montana Historical Preservation Grant, and alongside investment from the ownership group, the plan is to renovate the stucco on the exterior of the building, which is failing in several places, replace it with newer materials while still keeping the same look.

“We're hoping to remove the stucco that we have on right now and do some repairs and installation underneath and then put on a new finish on the building," said project manager Anika Hirmke. "We're trying to preserve the history of this place and, to honor that history of the building.”

Anne Wilson Schaef and the current ownership group took over the property in 1989, and over the last three-plus decades a lot of time and money has gone into bringing the property back to its current status as a place of healing.

“It was in receivership, and it was in really bad shape, Anne took it over then. ... Anne at that point, she thought she would be able to fix it up in about six weeks. And she took in a group of us, some other owners came in," said board chair Pete Sidley. "It's now been since 1989. So that's 30, 33 years that, that we've had this place, and we're still working on it.”

The property features several pools, both indoor and outdoor, and operates as a bed and breakfast and event center with people traveling from all over the world to visit the Peace Valley

“I think people hear about how, what a healing Valley this is and what healing place this is and the healing waters," said Sidley. "It's a nice rural setting. And so, and they'd also — I mentioned Anne Wilson Schaefer earlier, there's people that — she was a renowned, internationally renowned author, and so people knew about her and so they would come to her workshops."

Boulder Hot Springs is open year-round and located just south of the town of Boulder on State Route 69.