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Out and About: Christmas tree hunting in the Lolo National Forest

Lolo National Forest Winter Tree
Posted at 9:28 AM, Dec 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-08 11:28:06-05

MISSOULA - For many people, the holidays are all about family traditions — and perhaps one of the best traditions is finding that perfect Christmas tree.

We headed out and about to try and find that perfect Christmas tree in the Lolo National Forest.

The process is really quite easy.

Just head to https://www.recreation.gov/ and search for the Lolo National Forest to buy the permit.

The search started out great, but for those of you who have hiked with younger kids, somehow, wild amounts of energy can turn into nothing in no time.

We wanted a big tree, but there are some rules to follow.

For example, the tree can’t be over 12 feet tall and the stump height after the tree is cut needs to be 6” or less.

People need to make sure to take the whole tree, it cant just be cut off at the top.

Additionally, don’t cut trees visible from major roads or within 150 feet of streams or creeks.

All these instructions are written on your permit.

Then, make sure you have enough strength to take it back to the car.

Finally, get it back to your house and find the perfect spot to set it up.