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Out and About: Museum of the Rockies to hold first-ever Victorian Holiday celebration at Tinsley House

The Victorian celebration highlights the holiday traditions of early Irish and French-Canadian immigrants in Montana.
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Posted at 10:09 AM, Dec 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-01 12:09:57-05

BOZEMAN — For the first time ever, the Tinsley house will be open during the winter. The Museum of the Rockies (MOR) will be hosting a historical event where they showcase the holiday traditions of past Montanans.

Chelsea Hogan is the director of education and public programming at MOR. She says the event highlights holiday traditions of two specific cultures from early Montana.

"French Canadian and Irish immigrants are two of the biggest immigrant cultures that settled here and would’ve been living in this area in the 1890’s," she says. "So, we thought it was appropriate to focus on them this year. However, in future years we’ll be looking at other cultures that were here too."

Hogan explains that, just like any program, they did their historical research: "So, we looked back at magazines from the 19th century and got inspiration for how they would’ve decorated their homes for the holidays and the kinds of crafts they would’ve done as well."

Included with your ticket is admission to the "Seasons of Light" planetarium show, Victorian craft making, and much more.

"You’ll see Victorian decorations all around you. You will get to enjoy a special holiday treat and a hot drink. And something I’m really excited about is you will get to hear some beautiful music from carolers singing 19th-century holiday songs," Hogan says.

"What I really hope people enjoy most is that they get the opportunity to come here with their families and just have a nice holiday evening, and they also get to learn something about Montana history."

The celebration takes place in December on the 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th. Tickets can be purchased here.