Jill Stein tells Scripps News she's filed an FEC complaint over exclusion from presidential debate

Stein said voters have a right to hear from all qualified candidates, not just President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.
Jill Stein
Posted at 5:29 PM, Jun 19, 2024

Presumptive Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein told Scripps News on Wednesday she's filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission over being excluded from CNN's June debate.

"We think that the American people are really hungry for a real debate, not just the two zombie candidates that are being rammed down our throats again," Stein told Scripps News in a one-on-one interview Wednesday. "I think they are owed that and we need to have that. I think candidates who are actually ballot-qualified for most voters who could potentially win the race … voters have a right to hear them in a debate and to know who our choices are."

Stein also spoke with Scripps News about her views on Israel's war with Hamas, the age of this year's presidential candidates and where the Green Party fits into the current U.S. political landscape.

She says it has a lot to offer voters: a focus on environmental sustainability, health care and economic reform and higher wages.

"This is where the Green policies all converge, because we're not only talking about the right to a job with good wages. We're talking about a living wage, minimum wage that actually keeps you out of poverty," Stein said.