Bozeman recruiter optimistic about job market for new graduates

Posted at 2:48 PM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 16:48:23-04

This is a very unusual time not only for graduating college seniors, but for employers as well. The job market looks a lot different now than it did a year ago.

“We are an employment agency. The best analogy I like to use is, think of cupid with love, except professionally,” explained Terri Barber with Career Concepts.

At Career Concepts, their goal is to connect potential employees with employers.

“Oftentimes, we know of opportunities that may not even be advertised. We can help make those connections and get them that; we call it a wand job. Like you wave a magic wand,” she said.

But how realistic is that now, in the midst of a pandemic?

“Definitely everything is a lot slower. Of course, many many businesses have kind of put a halt on hiring. Some of them unfortunately had to lay off. We are, though, seeing every week more of them calling their employees back and starting to hire more,” Barber said.

So where does that leave graduating seniors?

“The only thing I would say to seniors this year, as opposed to previous years, is just be patient. You know it takes a while. So, don’t get discouraged. If there is a company or position you’re really passionate about, contact them and then contact them again,” she explained.

Graduates may not have had a traditional learning experience for those last weeks leading up to graduation, but Barber doesn’t believe that should be an obstacle.

“The employers that we’ve worked with and that we’ve spoken with, it really makes no difference. They just understand, and really it makes the people more adaptable,” Barber said.

Like Barber said, you just have to be patient and remain hopeful.

Services offered to potential employees are free. For more information, you can call Career Concepts at 406-539-9058 or visit their website here .

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