Bozeman entrepreneur helping small businesses around the country

Posted at 2:45 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 12:44:55-04

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen how the Gallatin County community has gone above and beyond to help each other out, and that’s exactly what one Bozeman tech company is trying to do, not only for this community, but for small businesses across the country.

“It’s easy to be great when everything’s great. But true greatness, true greatness happens when everything is bad,” said Jerry Nettuno, the Founder and CEO of Schedulicity.

When Nettuno saw a problem, he saw the opportunity for a solution, which led him to create Schedulicity.

“It’s an online calendar that allows your clients to very easily schedule a time with you, any time, any place,” he explained.

Nettuno started Schedulicity from the ground up in Bozeman.

“It was a great place to get out there, talk to these small businesses, find out what their challenges were and then work together to create a solution, which ultimately became Schedulicity,” Nettuno explained.

And now the company is able to give back to small businesses across the country, especially when many businesses are suffering financially.

“We took our Schedulicity Cares grant program and instead of giving away three $5,000 grants every month, we broke it up and we’re giving away 15 $500 grants every other Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We’ve been doing this for the past month just to help as many people as we possibly could,” he said.

And the successful entrepreneur has some advice for everyone during this time.

“My daughter’s an esthetician downtown. She lost her job, right? Trying to figure out how to pay her rent, but what now’s the time to learn. Learn something different. What other things do you want to learn in esthetics so that when you go back you’re the best esthetician you could ever be,” Nettuno said.

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