Restaurants make the best of a bad situation as we enter phase two

Posted at 8:34 PM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-06 12:17:58-04

This week Montana entered phase two of our state s phased reopening plan.

A relief to many businesses, especially our bars and restaurants.

Jackie Hudoba, general manager for the Brewhouse Pub & Grill, is feeling a little busier this week with our first week of phase two.

Among the changes phase two brings is an increased capacity for restaurants and later operating hours.

More customers means more opportunities to bring employees back to work.

"Most of our employees did come back to work," said Hudoba. "We don t quite need everybody yet because of the only being allowed to do 75% business. Therefore need about 75% staff."

Staffing at restaurants across the state has been tricky for that very reason.

And for the servers and cooks who rely on packed houses, capping the number of customers has been a difficult part of re-opening.

But managers at the Brewhouse in Helena are trying to accommodate.

"There have been a few people that really are scared of losing their unemployment, their extra stimulus," said Hudoba. "Those kind of things, but i feel as if we were able to accommodate that maybe. A balance where than can make a little money from their paycheck and also receive a little unemployment as well."

Restaurant staff are not the only ones who have had to adjust it s meant a new dining experience for customers

"It takes more time and i feel like our guests, our customers have been very patient when they know we have to set everything down and sanitize our hands or wipe down a bottle of ranch between each customer," Hudoba added.

Even with the social distancing and sanitation customers are still coming out and keeping the community a community.

"Just really thankful for the people that are coming back," Hudoba said.

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