Safety measures let Butte's outdoor swimming pool stay open amid coronavirus

Posted at 7:48 AM, Aug 11, 2020

BUTTE - Getting temperature checked is an unusual way to begin a day at the pool, but management at Butte’s outdoor swimming pool say it’s the best way to insure everyone is safe.

“With the protocol that we have in place I think the safety aspect of this is by far superior,” said pool general manager Mark Fisher.

The Butte Health Department allowed the pool to open a month ago as long as certain safety measures were put in place.

“We temperature check right when they get in, they have to sign a log so we have our CDC tracking, we’ve got our contact tracking in case something should come up,” said Fisher.

The pool only allows 100 people in for two 3-hour shifts per day. Between each shift staff and lifeguards sanitize everything before the next shift can enter the facility.

“It takes about an hour longer than it did last year to make sure everything gets clean and we do that twice a day,” said lifeguard Maisie Kroon.

And while the lifeguards are busy looking after all the people here they say they’re also grateful staff is making sure they’re safe as well.

“I just really appreciate how hard they work to make sure we’re safe and that we’re feeling ok and all that kind of stuff,” said Kroon.

The pool will remain open until Labor Day unless there is a significant spike in the coronavirus cases.

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