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Sen. Joe Manchin's wife Gayle hospitalized after car crash

The vehicle Gayle Manchin was traveling in was struck by an SUV involved in a police chase in Alabama.
Sen. Joe Manchin's wife Gayle hospitalized after car crash
Posted at 8:41 AM, Jan 31, 2024

Sen. Joe Manchin’s wife, Gayle Manchin, has been hospitalized following a car crash in Alabama. 

Manchin was on her way Monday to an event for the Appalachian Regional Commision, of which she is federal co-chair, with ARC congressional liaison Guy Land, when their vehicle was struck. 

Authorities said the crash happened while police in Homewood, Alabama, were pursuing a vehicle, according to local publication The white SUV police were following refused to stop, and a chase ensued. The vehicle crashed into the car Manchin was traveling in, which was being driven by Land. 

Manchin and Land were both transported to a nearby University of Alabama-Birmingham medical facility to be assessed for injuries. Both are in stable condition. 

"Federal Co-Chair Manchin and Mr. Land are receiving excellent medical care and remain at a UAB facility as they recover," the ARC said in a statement Tuesday. 

Manchin, who is 76, is the former first lady of West Virginia. She also served as president of the West Virginia Board of Education. 

Joe Manchin has made recent headlines for speculation he is considering a third-party run for president. This came after his announcement in November that he will not seek reelection to the U.S. Senate. 

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