5 New Chemical Peels Target Acne, Rosacea, Aging and Budget

12:31 PM, Oct 09, 2018
12:42 PM, Oct 09, 2018

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Montana now has access to a new line of chemical peels that target a variety of skin ailments and go easy on the wallet.

Glytone chemical peels can address acne, rosacea, sun spots and other skin discoloration at a much more affordable price, says Janel Zitzka, LPN, Director of The Advanced Laser Clinic at Associated Dermatology and Skin Care Clinic of Helena.

Here are four great new chemical peels now available:

  1. 1. Mandelic Acid for Sensitive Skin

Glytone’s mandelic acid peel for sensitive skin treats rosacea and other discoloring gently and effectively. Its large molecules don’t penetrate as deeply or irritate the skin, making it a great choice for people getting their first chemical peel or those with sensitive skin. Patients leave after a five-minute treatment with glowing skin. Usually requires 2-6 treatments.

  1. Salicylic Acid for Ordinary Acne

Made from the bark of willow trees, salicylic acid exfoliates dead cells, making it a good choice to remove blackheads and treat acne. Recovery time is a few days to a week and a series of 4-6 treatments is necessary.

  1. Pyruvic Acid for Acne with Oily Skin

There is no cure for acne, but pyruvic and salicylic acid are “two more tools in our arsenal,” says Zitzka. By reducing activity of the sebaceous gland, which produces oil, pyruvic acid is perfect for people with oily, uneven skin with large pores. Anti-inflammatory properties add to its effectiveness. Recovery depends on the severity of the acne, but usually no more than a few days.

  1. Broad-Based Jessner Peel for All Skin Types

“This is a great way to dip your toe into the chemical peel water,” says Zitzka. A blend of three kinds of acid, it’s particularly useful for anti-aging, skin discoloration and even acne. A series of three treatments is all you need and moderate peeling requires a week or less of recovery time.

  1. Brighten Up Those Hands

The hand peel fights off the aging process on hands, and can be packaged with a broadband light treatment to accelerate the effect. Janel Zitzka says she has personally tried this acid peel. “It’s pretty amazing,” she says. A combination of TCA, lactic and kojic acid, three treatments are enough to find off the effects of age with some moderate flaking.

The Glytone series is particularly created for young adults who are interested in chemical peels but have previously been priced out of the market. The peels are pain-free and supported by years of clinical studies.

Zitzka says now is the perfect time for skin rejuvenation – or prejuvenation, the process of reversing the effects of age on skin before it happens. The onset of fall signals a great time to peel away the toll the sun took on your skin this summer. Five minute treatments fit into school and work schedules too.

Associated Dermatology and Skin Care of Helena is the first and only clinic to offer Glytone chemical peels. To make an appointment, call (406) 324-7447 or email laserclinic@associateddermhelena.com.

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