Cascade sprinter signs with Carroll College

Harlie Jackson signed with Carroll College to be a sprinter
Posted at 9:59 AM, Sep 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-28 11:59:23-04

Cascade has a storied history in track and field, and although the season is on the backburner for some, one of their seniors is already looking toward her college career. Harlie Jackson signed with Carroll College to be a sprinter and to be reunited with another Badger.

"I feel a little intimidated, but I definitely know I can handle it. So everything that happens along the way, I'm trying to live in every moment because it is certainly going by fast. I feel very accomplished and very put together knowing that I have a next step to my future. My coaches have all gotten me to this spot athletically and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Not only is she a Badger, but her future coach was also a heck of one as well. Harry Clark hails from Cascade and is ecstatic to bring another badger down to Helena. He also coached her dad, a state champion, accumulating several of the trophies up on the walls.

Clark has a few 40-year-old records that still stand from his heyday along with a couple more that are marked in the Cascade School, with class record marks in 300 meter hurdles and triple jump. He's excited to have a Badger connection on his college squad. He also enjoys getting back to his roots in Cascade whenever he can.

"This is the Badger Dome! I love coming back here. I had a lot of fun at the school,” Clark said. “I Love coming back here. And I'm close now. Being in Helena. So I work with the kids here. It's awesome. I'm excited to get her. I’ve known her dad a long time and we’re good friends. She’s the second Badger I’ve recruited in college and I’m excited. She's blue collar, hardworking kid, and that's what our team's all about. Kids come up, they step up and do some great things. We're ranked nationally and that's what we do at Carroll."

Harlie still has her senior year of track to look forward to, but after that, she'll be running as a Fighting Saint just down the interstate.