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Stick of butter rice is the 4-ingredient dish you need in your weeknight rotation

Stick of butter rice is the 4-ingredient dish you need in your weeknight rotation
Posted at 9:55 AM, Feb 22, 2023

If there is only one rice recipe you learn by heart, make it this creation from TikTok. This “brown” rice casserole recipe — which has gone viral on the social media platform — will be a life-saver when dinner rolls around and you realize you need something to complement your main dish. The one-pot meal is even fancy enough to deserve a place on your table on special occasions.

Made with just a few simple ingredients, this is an inexpensive and simple rice dish that even new cooks can prepare. If you have ever struggled with making rice (and there is no shame in that, as rice can be deceptively difficult to cook), this easy casserole is about to be your get out of jail free card when it comes to dinner duty.

Watch @FoodWanderer prepare the casserole below:

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As you can see, this brown rice casserole is actually a white rice casserole. The rice gets its brown hue from the canned beef broth and French onion soup that is poured over the rice before baking. (If you are a vegetarian, you can opt to use canned vegetable broth instead).

Then, a whole stick of butter is cut into pats and scattered on top of the rice. Yes, a whole stick! For seasoning, all you need is salt and pepper, since the canned broth and soup have plenty of flavor on their own. Then, the casserole bakes for 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to bake your main dish or prepare a salad or veg to go with your dinner.


Or, to make your life even easier and add heartiness to the dish, layer chicken breasts on top of your rice or add mushrooms or ground beef. Voila! Dinner is sorted and you have time to put your feet up while the deliciousness bakes.

When the rice is done, you can sprinkle it with fresh herbs like parsley or grate fresh Parmesan or cheddar on top.

What do you think? Would you bake a rice dish that is made with a whole stick of butter?

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